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7 Durable Content Ideas for Youtube Shorts

Learn how to easily maximize the youtube feature, namely youtube shorts for a more interesting variety of content.

After instagram reels and tiktok gained popularity in the eyes of internet users, Youtube also followed in their footsteps by creating a short video feature, namely youtube shorts.

Over time, youtube shorts have turned into an easy-to-use content format to increase the growth of your youtube account.

This is because youtube shorts content is able to increase viewers and subscribers in an easier way than making youtube videos.

However, the challenge in developing youtube shorts is finding content ideas and making video shorts consistently, which is also needed in various other social media.

Therefore, before starting to create content for youtube shorts, first know the advantages of using youtube shorts and content ideas for all situations.

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What are Youtube Shorts

Along with the rise in popularity of short video content, now many social media are starting to develop this content as the latest feature, such as Instagram with its reels.

Instagram reels themselves also received rave reviews from Instagram users until finally a separate reel icon was created and the addition of features to make video results and collaborations even better.

Youtube has also begun to develop short video content by releasing youtube shorts where users can view short content from creators of their favorite or preferred interests.

Youtube shorts itself is a short video feature with a duration of 15 seconds that is shared by creators on the youtube page.

To add to the uniqueness of video shorts, creators can also include several videos at once, audio, songs, and special effects that make videos more interesting.

With the variety of videos owned by youtube shorts and the various features provided, shorts content is often seen by youtube users so that creators have started to innovate to make video shorts that are more interesting.

Youtube shorts themselves are not only useful for entertaining YouTube users but also have other advantages over other YouTube features.

How to Find Content Ideas for Youtube Shorts

Want to try youtube shorts and watch the short videos provided? Youtube users can view the content presented in a few easy steps.

Youtube shorts are available along with other youtube content. When you search for a video, the shorts have a red symbol at the bottom right.

However, if the user wants to find video shorts from a particular creator then use the search menu to find the creator you want to watch.

Unfortunately, shorts content is only available on gadgets, so personal computers or laptops do not provide services for watching youtube shorts content.

Even so, you can view video shorts on the youtube channel as a regular video so there is no difference with other youtube content.

Youtube shorts itself can also be accessed on the YouTube application on your cellphone by clicking on the shorts icon at the bottom of your screen.

If the creator has seen one video and then wants to switch to other content, then simply move it down to watch other shorts content.

Viewers can also interact with the videos they watch by giving likes, comments, or sharing with other YouTube users.

Advantages of Using Youtube Shorts

Tiktok’s world-shaking fame and popularity among young people with its entertaining short video content.

Even though this platform was only launched in 2016, this social media continues to grow rapidly until it has 690 million active users and continues to grow until now.

The development of tiktok has finally inspired other social media by making short video features similar to Instagram with reels and youtube which brings shorts.

Another advantage that makes youtube shorts unique compared to youtube video content is the ease of creating video content.

Creators only need a cellphone and you can record, edit, and upload youtube shorts content directly from your gadget.

In addition, youtube shorts also do not follow the rules from youtube where youtube shorts content does not get monetization so that youtube users can enjoy shorts content more without the need to be disturbed by ads that appear suddenly.

Although this rule allows creators not to get monetized, youtube shorts can be used to increase brand awareness so that youtube users can get to know your account more easily.

Then what other advantages can you get on youtube shorts?

The youtube shorts service itself has considerable potential considering that YouTube itself has 700 million users, which continues to increase every day.

Here are some reasons to use youtube shorts for media promotion and brand awareness:

  • Creating unique shorts content so that it can connect to consumers in a different way than other promotions
  • Reach young consumers who prefer short videos over long content
  • Showcase your brand in a fun way with engaging content.
  • Get into a wider audience and get more followers to build brand awareness.

Youtube Shorts Content Analysis Tips

After uploading various video shorts with various content ideas that are liked by consumers, this is the time for creators to know the performance of the uploaded videos.

Youtube Shorts Content Analysis

This is done to see the performance of the uploaded video so that creators can change their content strategy or continue to create the same video idea.

Fortunately, youtube shorts themselves have access to the same analysis as youtube videos so that creators can collect data and interactions in the shorts content.

How to analyze the performance of youtube shorts is quite easy, the creators only need to go to the Youtube studio page and enter the content tab which is in the critical section where creators can see various videos that have been uploaded including the shorts content.

After that, the creator can choose the video shorts you want then click analyze in the pop up icon section where you will be given access to various video data that has been uploaded previously.

Creators can collect various desired data, including:


Information about the number of people who have seen your video, the duration of watching the video, and who has subscribed to the youtube channel.

Not only that, creators also get information about the moments in the videos that get the highest views so that you can develop them to the next content.

Reach Out

find out who has seen your video through the search field or youtube timeline where the creator will be given a percentage of the number of youtube users who click on your video after your content appears on the youtube timeline.

At the bottom of this reach page, creators can find out which youtube channels or websites can bring youtube viewers to your videos.


Interaction video shorts will tell creators about viewers’ reactions to your videos by giving likes, dislikes, comments, or clicks,


Consumer demographic analysis is important for creators where this feature provides information about who watches your videos, where they live, gender and age, and the videos they watch on YouTube.

This information certainly benefits the creators as a consideration for making youtube shorts content in the future.

Content Ideas for Youtube Shorts

When starting to create youtube shorts content, creators should have a variety of cool content ideas to attract the attention of youtube users and bring them to become subscribers to your youtube account.

Here are some content ideas that can be used on the youtube shorts service, creators can develop one idea to another in order to find videos that match consumer preferences.

Before After

One of the content ideas that is often used is the before after video where this content is often used on various social media.

A short before and after video not only provides high interaction but shows the results of the product you are promoting.

Another advantage of using this video idea is that creators can use content for various communities so that your youtube shorts can be accepted by a wider audience.

This type of content is usually used in body care products where the creator shows a video of the physical changes of consumers after using the product in one use or several times.

Videos that show good results certainly make viewers curious so they are interested in buying the products you are promoting.

Product Benefit Content

One way to make consumers understand the advantages of your product is to create unique content and invite viewers to interact with the videos they see.

A video with high interaction can certainly reach a wider range of youtube users so that it can promote products more easily and go viral.

This is because youtube viewers come from various types of interest communities who are looking for entertainment, so youtube shorts are suitable for making consumers aware of the products you sell.

Another great youtube shorts content idea is to list the various benefits your product offers.

One example is if your product can help a consumer sleep soundly, then creators can create shorts containing lullaby music using a video editing application with the addition of soothing music and a background according to the video theme.

Creators can also add 4-5 video highlights to the products you have by giving interesting captions.

To make editing video shorts easier, creators can replace products with the same video template.

Latest Viral Content

Viral content that is the subject of discussion by many people will certainly be more interesting if uploaded in shorts content.

Of course, creators also need to know the various topics that are up and being discussed by everyone so that they can be used as interesting content ideas.

One of the best ways to keep consumers attached to your brand is to create content that helps consumers stay in touch with the outside world but still within the niche you offer.

Therefore, the idea of ​​youtube shorts content in the form of topics that are viral and being discussed by many people can be interesting videos.

When a creator is thinking about a trend that will be uploaded, the first thing to do is to do a survey of different viral content in your community and see what discussions can be included in the content.

Creators can look for it in the comments column of your content on social media that connects you with the community you own.

One of the examples is when your brand moves in the field of fashion, then you can easily replicate the fashion trends that are on the rise and then apply them to your YouTube shorts content.

Creators can create content in the form of updating men’s clothing ideas by showing 5-10 different styles of clothing.

This of course not only makes the audience make a good connection with your brand but also builds long-term loyalty.

Not only that, creators can also comply with consumer demands regarding up-and-coming product styles in order to build interaction with their own community.

In order to make your shorts content more slick, creators can add text, appropriate music, and products that match the trends you create.

Creators can also give an authentic impression by giving their own characteristics in every youtube shorts video you make.

Behind the Scene

In creating promotional content for certain campaigns, there are usually funny and unique events that make the shooting process more enjoyable.

Therefore, behind the scenes content is also suitable for making youtube short videos so that consumers can watch your product promotions.

This behind-the-scenes content is also a cool way to bridge your brand’s communication through youtube shorts.

This one video is also easier to make because creators simply collect bloopers that are accidentally recorded when you follow the campaign creation process so that the results look more natural.

Creators can also highlight the daily activities of your co-workers when promoting products and work habits in order to build more intense communication with their consumers.

Not only that, if the creator collaborates with certain influencers or public figures in a campaign, then you can take a short video that describes the atmosphere of cooperation in making certain advertisements.

This video will certainly get a lot of viewers because of the many fans who are curious about their idol’s activities when collaborating with certain products.

The best part about creating behind-the-scenes content is that creators don’t have to spend ages merging videos or shooting new videos.

However, creators can simply use pre-made templates that can be customized at will by adding attractive images.

Tutorial Content

When going through a sometimes challenging day sometimes a person needs a quick way to solve a problem or maximize the services and products purchased.

So it’s not surprising that speech content or life hacks are often sought after by internet users to make life easier so that it doesn’t get more difficult.

This short tutorial content can also be used as youtube shorts content to increase content viewers and reach a wider community.

If the creator wants to create interesting tutorial content, then the creator needs to let go of the existing jargon and start making mini tutorials that are easy for the audience to understand.

Not only that, creators can also learn how to use the products they own, the hidden uses of your products, and so on.

Creators can also highlight tutorial content by providing interesting and clear captions.

In creating this content, creators can start by providing a problem key and provide answers in a short time through the tutorial content provided.

This will provide great value for your content and keep them coming back to watch your videos.

Developing consumer concerns as tutorial content ideas is also great for addressing user concerns while increasing proximity to one another.

Everyday Content

A content creator or influencer who wants to develop the youtube shorts feature can develop this one content idea.

Daily life content is a video that is liked by internet users where viewers can see the daily life of someone who has a certain job in carrying out daily activities.

Although sometimes our daily lives are the same as ours, seeing something ordinary from other people’s eyes sometimes looks fun.

This content is also suitable for someone who has a lot of fans to get closer so that your fans know what you do every day.

Mini vlogs are certainly fun to make where you can see the activities of a company leader starting the day to doing various jobs in the office.

This one content has also attracted a lot of popularity on tiktok and reels and is now venturing into youtube shorts.

The best part about creating mini vlogs is that these videos are very easy to make where creators only need to record footage of the activity in a video and combine it with popular songs so that you will get aesthetic video content that YouTube users love.

Not only that, creators can also add voice over as an additional element to make the video even cooler.

Creators can also record daily life content while traveling to other places or preparing for a particular promotional event or campaign.

If creators find it difficult to edit video content, they can use video editing applications that are spread for free on the internet.

Meme Content

Comedy content can also be a special attraction that can make your video viewers see your content repeatedly without getting bored.

Although meme content is usually available in the form of photos, this content can also be developed in the form of youtube shorts content, especially if the meme used is a comedy image that is going viral.

Searching for trending content online and turning it into content shorts that have your characteristics will certainly be a smart idea.

This is done to get a big profit even though initially the creators need more effort to find memes that are on the rise.

The potential for meme content is huge because you can change any situation in your community using memes using the available templates.

You can also use various memes easily through content searches on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok to find images that suit the conditions of your community and can be used as YouTube shorts content.

Also make sure the caption used can be understood by your community so that the message conveyed is easy to digest.

7 Durable Content Ideas for Youtube Shorts
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